New USARL Board elected

The Constitutive Election for the new United States Association of Rugby League Board has returned an initial cohort of nine (9) Directors representing the game on both the west and east of the USA.

The Directors were elected by the USARL’s seven voting clubs and one voting league, and includes four new Board Members – Matt Goschnick, Chris Martin, George Tupou and Dustin Zerrer.

Goschnick, Martin, Tupou and Zerrer, along with Billy Nielson, Darren Piggins and Drew Slover, were elected as Directors nominated by the 11 member clubs and one member league.

Miranda Barnard was elected as the Director nominated from the female Individual Members, while David Abo was elected as the Director nominated from the male Individual Members.

Following the election of these nine Directors the new USARL Board will now:

• elect an interim Chair from among the 9 Directors

• form a three strong nominations committee to recruit up to three independent Directors to join the Board.

Immediately after the completion of that process, the 12-strong Board shall elect a Chair from among the Directors.

The election of the full Board will complete a reform process that started in October 2021 and included wide and multiple consultations with the rugby league community in the United States, a review of multiple relevant US sports governance models and was benchmarked by USARL consent at every stage to ensure a fully collaborative process.

IRL Chair Troy Grant said: “The finalisation of what has been a detailed and lengthy reform process marks the beginning of a new era for rugby league in the United States.

“Coupled with initiatives such as the NRL’s investment in Las Vegas and the international calendar, the USARL now has the opportunity to help take the game forward in the world’s largest sporting market.

“I would like to thank all those who have taken part in the reform process and congratulate the Directors elected to the new USARL Board.”

USARL Directors

David Abo, Miranda Barnard, Matt Goschnick, Chris Martin, Billy Neilson, Darren Piggins, Drew Slover, George Tupou, Dustin Zerrer.

USARL Members:

• Club Full Members: Jacksonville Axemen, Los Angeles Bandidos, Los Angeles Mongrel, San Diego Barracudas, Santa Rosa Dead Pelicans, SW Florida Copperheads, Tampa Mayhem

• Club Affiliate Members: Glendale Storm, Herriman Roosters, Provo Broncos, Riverton Seagulls

• League Full Member: Pacific Coast Rugby League Inc.