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Online sports betting has become the mainstream way to wager. Most people prefer to visit online bookies over their land-based predecessors. And why wouldn’t they? After all, online bookmakers are simpler to access, and you can do so from your smartphone.

Still, there are a lot of people who claim that brick-and-mortar shops are superior. Certainly, online sports betting websites have their advantages. But, we rarely hear about the disadvantages that they come with. In this article, we would like to go over a few pros and some cons of online sportsbooks.

Pro: Easy Access

The first advantage is the most obvious one, and likely the reason that these websites are so popular; easy access. If we look at popular site for betting online, we will find that they are mobile compatible. In other words, you can access them using a PC or a smartphone.

Whether you are at home, on a road trip, commuting, or during your lunch break, the bookie is always there, waiting for you to place a wager. It is precisely this convenience that has made online sportsbooks so popular today.

Con: Legality

A major disadvantage when it comes to online sports betting is that not all countries/states have legalized the practice. There are some places where you can place bets in person without a problem. However, doing so online can land you in some legal problems.

Luckily, most countries around the world are seeing the futility of criminalizing online sports betting. In fact, plenty of places are legalizing the practice. A lot of pundits and experts believe that in the near future, online sports betting will be legal worldwide.

Pro: Bonuses

One thing that land-based bookies lack is bonus promotions. For those who are unfamiliar, bonus promotions are offers that online bookies have that boost odds and bets. Popular bonuses include things like match deposits, free bets, return on investment, etc.

Bonus promotions are a definite one up for online sportsbooks, as there is no equivalent when it comes to the land-based counterparts. Certainly, they are a major reason for the success of the online sports betting industry.

Con: Technical Issues

There is no way that you will experience technical issues at a land-based bookie. After all, you are seeing the person face-to-face, and they are writing down your bets and odds. The only way anything could go wrong is if their entire system shut down, which is borderline impossible.

On the other hand, online sportsbooks can experience various technical issues. Whether your internet is poor, or if the problem lies with the bookie itself, a lot of things can go wrong. Your bet could end up unprocessed, and you end up having won nothing.

Pro: Better Options

Finally, online sportsbooks provide a lot more options for placing bets. Most land-based bookies have simple moneyline bets. However, online bookies let you choose from a wide variety of betting types. Not only that, but plenty of them allow betting on things outside of sports, such as reality TV, politics, and even entertainment.