Nigeria domestic rugby league season to kick off

The 2024 Nigeria Rugby League season is set to commence in late June as both the North and South conferences have been confirmed. Both will kick off on the weekend of 22 June with five teams in each, the clubs all featuring men’s, women’s and youth U19 sides. In the north, a new team from the capital Abuja has been added.


Nigeria Rugby League Association general manager, Isah Lawal-Saulawa, commented: “The 2024 season will feature robust competitions in both the Northern and Southern conferences underscoring our commitment to inclusive growth and development across all levels of the sport.


“Furthermore, the simultaneous participation of men, women, and U19 teams is a monumental boost for developing rugby league throughout Nigeria. This integrated approach will pave the way for establishing university and school leagues, which are integral to our plans for grassroots development.”


He added: “It will also be crucial in selecting homegrown talent for the NRLA’s international fixtures in 2024. We look forward to showcasing our players’ incredible skill and dedication on both the national and international stages.”


Michael Egirani, captain of Abuja Rugby Football Club, said: “As a rugby-loving city and club, we are extremely excited to be able to take this step in our rugby development programme and showcase the talents we have worked tirelessly to develop in Abuja to a wider audience. We look forward to taking Nigerian rugby league to new heights with this opportunity.”