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BARLA Youth to strong and experienced for Czech Youth

Press Release, Date: 1/7/12

The Czech Republic started their historic national teams representative weekend disappointingly, with the Czech Youth team being thoroughly outplayed by the far more experienced BARLA (British Amateur Rugby League Association) Youth in Beroun, and suffering a 70-0 point loss as a result.

The Czech team – made up of under 20 players from the domestic Czech Championship, the majority of whom are playing their 1st season of any form of rugby – were totally outplayed by a far more highly skilled & rugby league savvy group of young English players. The 1st half reflected the fact that not only were most of the Czech players deficient in some of the basic rugby skills and knowhow, but that they were also totally overwhelmed by the occasion, and the physicality of the opposition. The result was a half-time score of 52-0 to BARLA.

Czech Republic Rugby League map

Czech Republic snapshot and rugby league results


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Top level domestic competition - Has been running since 2009. The competition runs from April to November. The four teams that play in the 2011 Championship are Prague, Beroun, Pardubice & Vrchlabi. Praslavice and Chrudim are the other registered clubs, but they are not playing in the full competition as yet.