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Information on this page was updated - 11/3/2014

Foundation Year - 2006

International Team - Rugby League Norway

Top level domestic competition - N/A

Norway Rugby League

Norwegian national rugby league team The Vikings play friendly

Norway Rugby League  23/9/2009

On Saturday 19th September the Norwegian national team "The Vikings" played a friendly match against a Barbarians side made up of players from big rugby playing nations like Australia, NZ, South Africa and the UK. The Norwegians second stance on home soil was a big success with the home side recording a whopping 76-16 win over the Barbarians.

Norway Rugby League

Lillestrom Lions RLK – The first ever RL Club in Scandinavia


With Rugby League on the rise throughout Europe, Norway have also joined the Rugby League family. Next year Norway plan to start a 4 team domestic season which will have 3 Rugby Union Clubs who have shown expressed interest in playing League matches in 2010. Along with the 3 Union clubs a brand new club has been formed.