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Polish Rugby League

Poland hosts match official rugby league education activity

Date: 4/7/16

Polska Rugby XIII has run a successful match official project in Lodz, western Poland.

Polish Rugby League

Polska Rugby XIII accorded Observer status

Date: 6/6/17

The RLEF has awarded Observer status to Polska Rugby XIII, the national governing body of the sport in the country.

Poland Rugby League

Poland set to play Norway in historic first international

Date: 31/8/18

Poland will play their first international rugby league match tomorrow (Saturday) at the Stavanger Stadion on Norway’s south-west coast.

Polish Rugby League

Polish Rugby League working towards big 2015

By Matthew Brown, Date: 18/12/14

Poland is a country located in central Europe with a population of over 40 million people. It is a country with a very rich history dating back to the early 11th century. For over 1000 years, Poland has had very difficult, but also very historical moments in its history. Today it is one of the strongest economies in the EU with plenty of historical places, booming businesses and strong sporting teams. I got in touch with one Polish man (Lukasz Lucka) who is attempting to add something different to the Polish sporting landscape, Rugby League.

Poland Rugby League

Poland Rugby League seeks government recognition after healthy year

Date: 25/12/15

Polska Rugby XIII is targeting full government recognition in the first quarter of 2016 after a highly encouraging 2015. What will be called the ‘Polish Rugby League Federation’ has been made possible thanks to the significant progress the governing body has made following an effective development strategy.

Poland Rugby League

Poland rugby league gears up for inaugural Grand Final on Sunday


Date: 27/7/17

Łódź Magpies and Piotrków Wolfpack will contest the inaugural Polish Rugby League Grand Final on Sunday, at the PCS Staium in the District Sports Center in Bełchatów (kick off midday).

Poland Rugby League

Poland to learn lessons from historic first international

Date: 5/9/18

Poland have returned home from their first international rugby league match, having gone down 76-0 to Norway at the Stavanger Stadion.

Poland Rugby League and Manchester Rangers announce partnership

Poland Rugby League and Manchester Rangers announce partnership

Date: 29/3/16

Manchester Rangers Rugby League club and the Polska XIII (Polish Rugby League) have announced a partnership that will see them both work together to grow the game within Poland and Manchester's Polish community.

Poland Rugby League

First rugby league coaches qualified in Poland

Date: 15/6/15

A three-man RLEF coach tutor team has completed a first-ever training activity in Lodz, Poland as part of the EU-backed Leadership Devolution Project, which has seen eight new coaches qualify.

Polish coach-educator trainees Lukasz Lucka and Adam Adamcewski completed the training they began in Edinburgh and continued in Riga before delivering the RLEF Level 1 course to their compatriots.

Poland Rugby League

European Federation stages first technical activity in Poland


Date 21/5/15

The newly formed Polska Rugby XIII, which established its association under Polish law last week, has hosted the first technical activity in Lodz, as part of the RLEF’s EU-backed Leadership Devolution Project.

Five Polish candidates received their Level 1 Match Official qualification after attending a course led by PRXIII trainee educators Lukasz Lucka and Jacek Galeza, and monitored by RLEF Educators Denys Cherniev and George Stilianos.