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Portugal Rugby League map

Rugby League Planet – Portugal snapshot and rugby league results


Foundation Year - 2005

International Team - Roosters

Top level domestic competition - N/A

Latin Heat vs Portugal Rugby League

Latinos and Portuguese break tradition to clash in rugby league

Date: 18/10/14

LATIN American and Portuguese Rugby League will be out to show in Sydney on Sunday that their followers idolise the names Inglis, Burgess and Thurston as much as roundball icons Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar.

Contesting the first-ever Copa Cabral, in honour of Portuguese explorer Pedro Alvares Cabral, the two emerging international rugby league sides will meet at 3pm at Woollahra Oval, Rose Bay.

European Rugby League Ball

Reaction from Euro nations to new Rugby League world rankings

Following the release of the new men’s, women’s and wheelchair world rankings by the IRL, there has been some significant movement for some European nations. In the men’s, Serbia – who played the most Test fixtures in 2021 –...
Philippines v Portugal 2013 International 9's

IRL World Rankings: How realistic are they?

The latest IRB world rankings came out on December 10th and show the top four countries, in order, New Zealand, England, Tonga and Australia. The IRL states on its website that world rankings are based only on the results of...
ERL Logo

ERL Seeking Portuguese Rugby League Founders

European Rugby League is seeking founder members for a possible Portuguese Rugby League Federation. Following conversations with those who are willing to support the establishment of the sport in the country based in the UK and Australia, the group are...