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United Arab Emirates Rugby League

Rugby league coaches & match officials qualify in Dubai

By Phil Caplan, Date: 24/4/13

The Lebanese Rugby League Federation has delivered Level 1 Coaching and Introduction to Match Officiating courses in Dubai, LRLF Development Officer Nayef Abi Said and LRLF interim COO Faysal Jaber conducting proceedings.

Seven coaches qualified over the two-day sessions and they will work in the inaugural four-team domestic competition, the TBWA/RAAD Rugby League Cup, which begins next month.

UAE 2014 Season

New Impetus for Rugby League in the UAE

By Chris Bath – The Gulf Rugby Paper, Date: 29/5/14

Rugby League in the UAE was given a boost this weekend with the fantastic turnout and competitive performance in the Rugby League Cup fixtures. Many rugby players in the UAE with Rugby League backgrounds have been keen to get back to their roots and it with this in mind that the UAERL organisers have been working hard to continue the development and enthusiasm from last season’s four team league. Rugby League has it's growing popularity in the UAE and players not having the opportunity to get out much in a game situation were relishing the opportunity.

Emirates National Rugby League

UAE’s biggest rugby league teams battle it out for the Rugby League Cup

By Susan Parker, Date:22/4/13

The newly formed Rugby League Commission (RLC), the organisation behind rugby league development locally, will kick off the 2013 season on Friday 3 May at Dubai Sports City, bringing four of the UAE's top rugby league teams together to battle it out for this year's League crown.

European Rugby League Ball

Reaction from Euro nations to new Rugby League world rankings

Following the release of the new men’s, women’s and wheelchair world rankings by the IRL, there has been some significant movement for some European nations. In the men’s, Serbia – who played the most Test fixtures in 2021 –...

Nissan Middle East get behind UAE Rugby League


The UAERL have announced that their domestic Rugby League Cup, featuring Abu Dhabi Harlequins, Al Ain Amblers, Xodus Wasps and Dubai Sharks, will be sponsored by Nissan Middle East.

United Arab Emirates map

Rugby League Planet – United Arab Emirates snapshot and rugby league results


Foundation Year - 2008

International Team - Falcons

Top level domestic competition - Emirates National Rugby League

Philippines v Portugal 2013 International 9's

IRL World Rankings: How realistic are they?

The latest IRB world rankings came out on December 10th and show the top four countries, in order, New Zealand, England, Tonga and Australia. The IRL states on its website that world rankings are based only on the results of...

Rugby League now in a political fight with Union in four nations

Date: 9/5/15 Some things never change when it comes to rugby league and its struggle to be given a fair go as it develops around the world. There is no even playing field when it comes to the...

Four teams to take part in UAE rugby league competition

Date: 8/4/15

UAE Rugby League has held its Annual General Meeting at the Jumeirah Beach Residence in Dubai.

The meeting launched the 2015 domestic competition – to be known as the Rugby League Cup - the Board approving applications from four clubs; Al Ain Amblers, Abu Dhabi Harlequins, Xodus Wasps and Dubai Sharks.

UAE Rugby League Nissan Cup underway

Date: 20/4/15

Xodus Wasps and Abu Dhabi Harlequins RL were the winners as the UAE rugby league championship returned in style with a double header at Dubai Sports City.

George Yiasemides, COO of the UAERL said, “This saw the beginning of our vision for the future of rugby league within the UAE.