Thursday, April 18, 2024
Melbourne Storm

Melbourne Storm in driver’s seat with 10 rounds of the NRL remaining


Melbourne Storm are only ten weeks away from winning the Minor Premiership as the NRL enters round fifteen this weekend.

Castleford Tigers

Castleford Tigers must remain wary of fellow SL challengers


Castleford Tigers are the team to beat in Super League this season, with it looking increasingly likely that Daryl Powell’s side are coming of age and are set to dominate in 2017, which would be a fantastic achievement for the club – who have not picked up a major trophy since winning the Challenge Cup during the 1985/86 campaign.

Rugby X

UK to Launch Rugby X

In a bid to attract a generation of new players and combat a rise in crime from young people in inner cities, the UK has created a new form of rugby. It works under the same premise as T20 Cricket, so it is a cut-down, faster to play and easier to understand version of the sport that importantly can be played without posts. It will make its debut at the O2 Arena in London in October this year and will be supported by many big names from the game as reports.

England fans

The financial winners of this year’s Rugby World Cup

No-one can have possibly missed the fact that for the last few weeks the 2015 Rugby World Cup has been storming the UK as the 20 best national rugby union teams in the world compete for the coveted trophy.

The stats alone that the event has produced are staggering, with total match attendances at well over two million and the TV audiences even higher than that.


Big weekend for International Rugby League

Date: 2/5/16

This coming weekend is going to be a big one for international rugby league as 6 rugby league nations take to the field.


Australia vs England in World Cup Final


Australia bags its ninth Rugby League World Cup after beating England in Brisbane, 6-0 win. The game was as exciting as playing the no deposit slots online.

In a tight game played under pressure, the two nations played hard at a low-scoring competition with Australia’s sole giving everything to win the tournament.


Tips to enjoy Rugby no matter who you are

Rugby Fun


Rugby is for everyone. There is no reason that a person can’t enjoy rugby in one form or another. Many people will say that they are too old to play or they don’t know the rules; they don’t know where to find a team or they don’t know how to play. None of these excuses hold up under examination.

COVID 19: The Melancholic Impacts on The Rugby League

The current pandemic on Corona Virus has caused a dismal shock-wave all around the world. The phenomenon has led to an unanticipated public health emergency that has wiped out thousands of people and has plunged the economy into depression. Unsurprisingly,...
Rugby League

Different ways of betting on rugby league

Not so long ago, sports betting was seen as something of a subculture among fans. It was something for those who understood the mysteries of the betting shop, or perhaps those who had set up a telephone account...