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René Bouscatel, The New Elected President of The National Rugby League (NRL)

The name of Paul Goze's successor is finally known. It was a campaign full of suspense and twists and turns. The General Assembly of the National Rugby League (NRL), meeting this Tuesday March 23 in Paris, elected René Bouscatel...
Lebanon v England

Most Popular Marketplaces to Sell Rugby Merchandise Online in 2019


The days when brick-and-mortar retailers were the only place where shoppers could buy their rugby merchandise are all but a distant memory now. Last year, an estimated 1.8 billion people worldwide purchased products online amounting to more than 2.5 trillion US dollars collectively, with that number expected to increase year on year.

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Most Common Prop Bets Made During Rugby Matches

Rugby matches involve a variety of prop bets. This article discusses the most common of these bets, which can give you a look into some of the funner facets of rugby betting. Understanding Prop Bets Firstly, let's shed light on what...
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ARLC Annual General Meeting

The Australian Rugby League Commission has advised its members that the game will report an operating surplus of $58.2 million, as well as net assets of $260 million. Total revenue increased by $107.3 million to a record $701.1 million, up...

When will the good times return for New Zealand Warriors?

At long last, on 3rd July of this year, New Zealand Warriors made their long-awaited return home to the Mount Smart Stadium in Auckland. After nearly three years of the team being based in Australia, forced upon them by...

Top 6 Gambling Games to Try if You Are a True Rugby Fan

Gambling has always been a part of human nature, and from the earliest times, people have loved to gamble. From dice, cards, and all kinds of bets (Rugby included) to the ultra-modern Australian casinos of our day, the human...

COVID 19: The Melancholic Impacts on The Rugby League

The current pandemic on Corona Virus has caused a dismal shock-wave all around the world. The phenomenon has led to an unanticipated public health emergency that has wiped out thousands of people and has plunged the economy into depression. Unsurprisingly,...
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Libya awarded observer status by Rugby League European Federation

Libya is the latest nation to receive Observer status from the Rugby League European Federation, which administers the sport in Africa.


5 Interesting Ways Rugby League Fans Can Connect with Their Club Off the Pitch

Photo by Edgar Pimenta on Unsplash Winter is a tough time for Rugby League fans. Not only must we suffer with gloomy days and cold weather, but we also have to go without our beloved sport for five months until the...

Tackling Odds: The Intersection of Online Gambling and Rugby

The realms of online gambling and rugby may seem worlds apart, but their intersection creates a thrilling and dynamic landscape for enthusiasts and bettors alike. As we venture into 2024, the fusion of these two domains is more apparent...