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Information on this page was updated – 11/3/2014

Foundation Year – 1987

International Team – Canadian Rugby League

Highest finish in World Cup – One win Emerging Nations World Cup (2000)

Top level domestic competition – There is currently four teams (Toronto City Saints, Niagara Bobcats, Scarborough Centurions, York Region Reds).

History – Rugby League started up in Canada in the late 1980’s. Mainly based around Ontario at one stage Canada had three teams in a competition known as the Tri-Country Rugby League. The competition included one team from the United States. By the mid 90’s leading into the 2000 emerging nations, there was an eight team competition based around Ontario.

In 2000 Canada took part in the Emerging Nations World Cup.The ENWC was played along side the main World Cup competition. Canada were handed heavy defeats by the United States and Italy. They only managed to win one game against Japan and returned home needing to improve the development of the sport in Canada.

Besides a few one off 9’s and 7’s competitions, rugby league had struggled to maintain a permanent foothold in Canada since the 2000 ENWC.

In early 2010 expats living in Toronto Ontario have been in contact with the AMNRL and have started a Facebook group to gauge Canadian interest in the start-up of rugby league in Canada again. In April 2010 Canada Rugby League launched their new website. In early September Canada rugby league were granted official observer status by the RLEF. Canada now have four domestic rugby league teams Toronto City Saints, Niagara Bobcats, Scarborough Centurions, York Region Reds.

In another boost for rugby league in Canada the Canadian’s entered the Atlantic Cup in 2010. They played games against the Untied States and Jamaica in tri-series format. The Canadian’s finished the tournament with out a win but had shown what might be possible if the game continues to grow in Canada.

2011 was another big year for the Canadian’s when they recorded their first win over the United States in the two game Colonial Cup Series. They also played internationals against Jamaica and South Africa.

Canada are not eligible to play in the 2013 World Cup qualifiers but if their growth continues we might see a Canadian team running around in the 2017 Rugby League World Cup.

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2014 Rugby League Results
JAug 9th Canada 52 v USA 14, Toronto (Colonial Cup)
Jul 19th Canada 24 v Jamaica 20, Toronto (Caribbean Carnival Cup)
Jul 5th Canada 12 v England Lionhearts 34, Toronto
Jun 21st Canada 18 v Royal Air Force 40, Toronto (Billy Bishop Cup)

2013 Rugby League Results
Sep 28th Canada 22 v United States 30 (Colonial Cup)
Sep 7th Canada 20 v United States 28 (Colonial Cup)
Aug 24th United States 44 v Canada 16 (Colonial Cup)
Jul 20th Canada 38 v Jamaica 14 (Caribbean Carnival Cup)
Jul 6th Canada 36 v United States 20 (Colonial Cup)

2012 Rugby League Results
Oct 6th Canada 4 – England Lions 68
Sep 22nd United States 36 – Canada 14 (Colonial Cup)
Sep 8th Canada 24 – United States 28 (Colonial Cup)
Aug 11th Canada 36 – Lebanon 18
Jul 21st Canada 18 – Jamaica 12 (Carribean Carnival Cup)
Jun 17th Canada A 16 – Royal Air Force Rugby League 22

2011 Rugby League Results
Oct 9th Canada 22 – South Africa 36
Sep 18th Canada 18 – United States 16 (Colonial Cup)
Aug 27th United States 18 – Canada 2 (Colonial Cup)
Jul 31st Canada 40 – Jamaica 10 (Caribbean Carnival Cup)

2010 Rugby League Results
Nov 20th Canada 12 – United States 46 (Atlantic Cup)
Nov 18th Jamaica 32 – Canada 12 (Atlantic Cup)
Sep 19th United States 20 – Canada 16 (Colonial Cup)

2000 Rugby League Results
Nov 20th Canada 28 – Japan 12 (Emerging Nations World Cup)
Nov 15th Italy 66 – Canada 6 (Emerging Nations World Cup)
Nov 13th United St 52 – Canada 10 (Emerging Nations World Cup)

1999 Rugby League Results 
Japan 14 – Canada 0
United States 68 – Canada 0

1998 Rugby League Results
United States 32 – Canada 6

1997 Rugby League Results 
United States 50 – Canada 10

1995 Rugby League Results 
France 72 – Canada 32
United States 44 – Canada 0

1994 Rugby League Results
United States 22 – Canada 10
United States 22 – Canada 0

1993 Results
United States 32 – Canada 2
United States 54 – Canada 14

1987 Results
Canada 23 – United States 10