Press Release, Date: 27/6/12

Nicolas Larrat announced on Saturday to the French general assembly he will not seek re-election to the post of President of the FFRXIII this October.With illness keeping him away from the congress, it was left to vice president Pascale Laroche to read out the statement which confirmed that he will not stand for a third term.

‘I’ve been supported by some extraordinary men and women over the past eight years,’ said the missive which went on to outline some of the achievements of his time in charge including the promising performances of the national side at senior and youth levels, especially under-16s, and commercial support obtained from sponsors Mutuelle des Remparts, Axa and Puma.

In an emotional address, FFRXIII Director Sabine Foghin paid fulsome tribute to the memory of Hervé Guiraud, who passed away in April and pledged, on behalf of the executive committee, to “ensure the growth of the treiziste movement.”

In other business, the congress discussed the reorganisation of the Elite Championship, envisioned for 2014, while Avignon and Carcassonne applied to host Magic Weekends, on the first and final regular rounds next season.

Francine Meny, the President of the Women’s Rugby League Commission, reported an eight per cent increase in registered players with two new teams, Lyon and Paris Charenton, set to participate in the 2012-13 season.

The Elite 2 season was confirmed with 11 clubs participating; Sauveterre de Comminges (promoted), Saint-Gaudens, Carpentras, Tonneins, Cavaillon, Lyon-Villeurbanne, Palau, Baho, Albi, Toulouse Jules-Julien, Villefranche de Rouergue.

Underneath that, National Division 1 has been reconstituted with both of last season’s divisions amalgamating to form three regional groups of seven clubs each:

A : La Réole, Trentels, Réalmont, Ramonville, Lescure II, Clairac, Villeneuve de la Rivière.
B : Paris, Montgeron, Roanne, Apt, Salon, Entraigues, Marseille.
C: Ornaisons, Baroudeurs de Pia, Salses, Villegailhenc-Aragon, Le Soler, Saint-Laurent de la Salanque, Ferrals.