By Richard Cowley, Date: 14/9/12

It’s up there with Vichy in regards to the wrongs done to rugby league over the years. The date was the 20th of January 2010. The Russian Ministry of Sport’s submitted order 21 which expelled rugby league from the state register of sports in Russia.


The expulsion had a flow on effect with three rugby league teams jumping over to Rugby Union for financial support. One from Moscow and two from Kazan. Now only one of those three teams are still playing Rugby Union. The other two teams are now extinct.

The reason for the expulsion? Yes… you guessed it, rugby league and rugby union are the same game.  So the Sports Ministry’s theory is rugby league doesn’t really exist.

It’s about time the rugby league community got behind our comrade’s in Russia and assisted them with regaining recognition on the Russian state register of sports.

Even if the ARLC or the RFL have to fly the Russian Minister of sport to the Super League or NRL grand final to show them that rugby league really does exist then lets make it happen.

Surely after seeing rugby league on the greatest stage of all the Russian sports minister would not hesitate to recognise what we all know as the greatest game of all.