Rugby League Planet

Dear Readers,

As you’re aware our old web hosting company had technical issues on Sunday 22nd September which caused the Rugby League Planet website site to go offline and when it was restored late Tuesday 24th of September the website continued to be unstable.

Rugby League Planet made the decision to do an emergency migration to a new web hosting company and had developers work around the clock to bring the site back to normal operations.

I am happy and relieved to say the migration of Rugby League Planet to a new web hosting company has now been completed and the developers have addressed the data corruption issues.

The new hosting company have faster and more reliable web servers which will hopefully translate to a better user experience for Rugby League Planet readers.

We do apologize to all our readers for the inconvenience during this period and appreciate the support we have received from fans around the World.

Thanks you for your patience.

Kind Regards

Richard Cowley

Senior Editor

Rugby League Planet