Being the best at rugby league is not just about size, strength or power it’s almost impossible to quantify, describe or even evoke. It’s not just about throwing an oval shaped rocket true and clean, it’s not about how hard a tackle can be nor is it the delicate footwork in the run up to the try. Being the best at rugby isn’t all about speed, it’s not even about the accuracy of a conversion nor the technique and finesse of a kick.

Being the best at rugby league is all the above, the genius, the beauty and brutality. To witness such force, an honour. Some men are born for rugby league, they yearn for victory, the very definition of supremacy and success. Fear of humiliation and defeat propels the attainment of excellence far beyond mere mortals not acquainted with the oval projectile.

These are the qualities and parameters that make Fortune Frenzy’s 21st Century Rugby League Dream Team so formidable, so powerful and cunning. Vivid imaginations of thundering steam rollers bearing down upon our weak fragile carcasses.

Is this the best dream team possible? Think you can do better?

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