PNG Hunters - Sova

Date: 18/12/14

REIGNING Digicel Cup Champions Hela Wigmen is determined to lift the standards of their establishment as they prepare for another challenging Digicel Cup 2015 season.

And they are grateful to the SP PNG Hunters for allowing their Head Trainer Sova Milfred the opportunity to upgrade his knowledge of the game with a one-­‐week stint with the Intrust Super Cup team.

The SP PNG Hunters are currently in off-­‐season training in Kokopo.

Milfred joined the SP PNG Hunters in camp on Monday and spent most of his time with Head Strength & Conditioning Coach Jason Tassell and Head Trainer Solomon Kulniasi learning the preparation, processes and training methods used by the Hunters on a daily basis.

Milfred learnt the latest techniques and the reason why they are employed in training, including planning of sessions, rehab and injury prevention, supplements program, diet, gym training techniques and on field fitness and skill training techniques.

He also took part in the daily testing that each player undertakes and the reason behind the testing.

Milfred will also be introduced to the high tech side of training – GPS, Electronic Monitoring, Game Video editing and cutting and related practices.

“It will be a lot to take in but we hope that this will assist Sova to better prepare his team and improve on planning and delivery of the latest techniques to Digicel Cup players in the Wigmen franchise,” said SP PNG Hunters Head Coach Michael Marum.

“The Wigmen have a pretty good setup and they may want to replicate the Hunters program, which we are more than happy to assist with. It shows great initiative by the Wigmen to contact the SP PNG Hunters and we are more than happy to assist wherever possible any of the Digicel Cup clubs to improve their own programs.”

“This will result in better quality players, an improved competition and players who can make the step up to the Hunters more easily in future. George Tobata from the Agmark Gurias has also been to a number of sessions and we are more than happy to assist all Digicel Cup teams.”

Hela Wigmen CEO Andy Hetra said their rugby league franchise is pleased to foster a partnership with the SP PNG Hunters in bridging the gap of their elite players;

“We would like to thank CEO Brad Tassel and Head Coach Michael Marum for making this arrangement possible. It is the step in the right direction to bridge the gap between ISC and Digicel Cup in terms of coaching staff learning from the systems and procedures at the Hunters camp.

The Wigmen is a new franchise and we are in the process of learning and building a club and such opportunities are valuable for the club’s development.

We believe Head Trainer Sova Milfred will gain valuable insights to what the SP PNG Hunters are doing and we are looking forward to replicating the same with our off & pre-­‐season program.

This is to ensure that our players are well drilled to easily fit into the Hunters structure if and when they are required.”