FIRFL 2015

Date: 21/4/15

Wednesday, April 15, 2015 was an historic day, unforgettable, for Italian Rugby League. The reason it can be read directly in the statement of the Italian Rugby Federation (FIR) that day in Chapter 3.8, under the title “Irfl: examine statute and request for taking act”.

“IRFL – The Federal Council has unanimously approved the acknowledgement of the Association called Lega Italia Rugby Football League (hereafter referred to as Lega IRFL) wit han registered office in Rome, Via Santa Croce in Gerusalemme 63, that is a sports association under the federal support, committed to the activity in the form of Rugby a 13 and Rugby a 9.”

An historical recognition, which opens horizons for the impressive new Lega IRFL, from now on even more “appetising” for players from Italian rugby union: a new showcase, new possibilities for involvement, for example, athletes playing in Eccellenza (the top Italian rugby championship) that could work on and improve more technical aspects like the impact, pace, technique and other aspects from rugby league and that can expand the boundaries of their international experience.

With this brief excerpt, in essence, the Fir committed to the ideas, proposals and the vision of the new Lega IRFL: an act much more than formal and an absolutely decisive step for the growth of the whole Italian Rugby League movement.

In light of this “incorporation” in Federugby, there might be a revised schedule of international engagements for the Lega IRFL, although the great event between the Italian Azzurri (Firfl) and the British selection of BARA (British Asian Rugby Association) on May 16 in Rome at “Tre Fontane” stadium remains absolutely confirmed.

Almost inevitably, also, from next year there will be expansion of the number of teams participating in the championship. Among other things, the official website of Federleague ( will have a second domain with a “redirect” to the main one to pay homage to the decision of Federugby.

Six years after the birth, which took place in 2009, and with four teams participating in the first championship in 2010, the movement of the Italian rugby to 13, and again launched an Italian Cup the following year in February and March, it has official recognition from FIR. “A great pride mixed with satisfaction – says the General Secretary of the Lega Irfl Pierluigi Gentile who from the beginning has fueled this project – a crucial step in our desire to grow and improve.”