2021 Rugby League World Cup

Match Officials from nine European nations will take charge of the six final European World Cup qualification games that begin this weekend, with representation from England, Scotland, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Italy, Ukraine, Serbia and Ireland.


RLEF general manager Chris Thair noted: “We have full-time Super League officials mixing with the best from other nations across Europe. We are particularly pleased that they have been appointed from such a wide variety of countries, it reflects well on our member federations, the officials themselves and the RLEF match official technical programme led by Tom Mather.”

Thair continued: “The Erasmus grant awarded to the RLEF from the European Union in recent years has been of great benefit to qualifying more officials from across the continent, and we have long term plans for continuing this vital work that helps underpin all of our development.”

The appointments have been made by the RLEF Match Official Panel which is independently chaired by David Butler and involves the head of match officials in England, Steve Ganson, France’s Mohammad Drizza and Mather.

Live stream details have also been announced for three of the matches, with plans to cover the others in the hands of the local federations hosting the games, details below.

GAME 1: Scotland v Serbia, 26th Oct (3pm), Lochinch Ground, Glasgow

Referee                                  Tom Grant (England)

Touch Judge                           Dean Bowmer (England)

Touch Judge                           Jack Smith (England)

Reserve Official                      Peter Lowis (Scotland)

Interchange Official                Dave McKervail (Scotland)

Commissioner                         Phil Smith

GAME 2: Spain v Ireland, 26th Oct (5pm), La Ciutat De L’esport, Valencia

Referee                                  Geoffrey Poumes (France)

Touch Judge                           Alexandre Guedes (France)

Touch Judge                            Ludovic Bernard (France)

Reserve Official                      Tony Palacious (Spain)

Interchange Official                  Andrew Pilkington (Spain)

Commissioner                          Remond Safi

GAME 3: Greece v Scotland, 1st Nov (7.30pm), New River Stadium, London

Referee                                  James Child (England)

Touch Judge                           Peter Brooke (England)

Touch Judge                           Matt Rossleigh (England)

Reserve Official                      Cameron Worsley (England)

Interchange Official                 Tom Mather (RLEF)

Commissioner                         Colin Baker

GAME 4: Italy v Spain, 2nd Nov (4pm), Stadio Communale G. Teghil, Lignano

Referee                                  Benjamin Casty (France)

Touch Judge                           Geoffrey Poumes (France)

Touch Judge                            Jarda Bzoch (Czechia)

Reserve Official                      Ciprian Gajulete (Italy)

Interchange Official                 Guido Bonatti (Italy)

Commissioner                         Remond Safi

 GAME 5: Serbia v Greece, 9th Nov (1pm), NC Makis Stari Obrenovacki, Belgrade

Referee                                  Robert Hicks (England)

Touch Judge                           Andrew Pilkington (Spain)

Touch Judge                           Denys Cherniev (Ukraine)

Reserve Official                      Roman Bykhov (Ukraine)

Interchange Official                Radoslav Novakovic (Serbia)

Commissioner                         Jovan Vujosevic

GAME 6: Ireland v Italy, 9th Nov (7pm), Morton Stadium, Dublin

Referee                                  Liam Moore (England)

Touch Judge                           Gareth Jones (England)

Touch Judge                            Andy Smith (England)

Reserve Official                      Jason Le Lievre (Ireland)

Interchange Official                 Stephen Monaghan (Ireland)

Commissioner                         David Butler


GAME 1: Scotland v Serbia – TBC.

GAME 2: Spain v Ireland – on You Tube by Canal PMC Valencia. Direct link to game https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHiI25RoR6_nP6FBs08JjRg/live

GAME 3 Greece v Scotland – on the RFL’s Our League channel, https://membership.rugby-league.com/login/

GAME 4: Italy v Spain – TBC, Italian Federation (FIRL) have stated they will stream.

GAME 5: Serbia v Greece – on Sports Flick Global https://www.sportsflickglobal.com/

GAME 6: Ireland v Italy – Nothing confirmed at present