Rugby Goal Posts

The NRL contains plenty of very strong and successful teams. We want to count up the strongest and most successful of the NRL.

The best teams of all time in the Rugby League

The National Rugby League (NRL, also Telstra Premiership, after the league’s main sponsor) is the highest professional rugby league division in Australia. The league consists of 15 Australian teams and one team from New Zealand and is considered the most popular rugby league club competition in the world.


2008 marked the centenary of the Rugby League in Australia. In addition to a special imprint on the jerseys of all teams, a grand gala was held on April 17, where, among other things, the best players of the last century were honoured. In 2010, an inglorious incident occurred when the Melbourne Storm were stripped of two of the championships they had won so far. The club had not complied with the salary cap and had concealed its accounting.


The NRL is now one of the most popular sports competitions in Australia, even surpassing the popularity of the Australian Football League in the states of New South Wales and Queensland. For this reason, we would like to follow up with those teams that have literally dominated the NRL and achieved outstanding goals through their unique performances. By the way, you can find the best betting promotions australia here.

Melbourne Storm

Among the elite of rugby in Australia is clearly the team Melbourne Storm. Not for nothing, after all, they have achieved outstanding performances in the sport. In the current season, they have won seven out of eight matches, and are currently on a four-match winning streak. The team’s longest winning streak was an incredible 15 games in a row. Such a feat has hardly been accomplished in any other sport. In the current season, they have played 6 games and scored a total of 173 points.

Brisbane Broncos

Another team that is known for its incredible success is the Brisbane Broncos. With a total of 6 Premierships won, they have made it to the top of the world class teams. Until 2015, they were also title holders in the form of the team that was never beaten in the NRL finals. Tony Sloterman, founder of the Casino Bonuses Finder company, is also a very strong fan of this team, and has high expectations for their performances going forward. Not for nothing, because the

Penrith Panthers

When talking about the NRL, you definitely can’t forget about the Penrith Panthers. Founded in 1967, the Australian team is made up of top players who were able to deliver glorious performances in past seasons. They were able to claim a proud 3 Premierships, and have managed to score a fabulous 579 wins in games in their history. In the currently running 2022 season, they have already scored 220 points. They are also considered as the favorite in the season, after all they have a steadily increasing score and the team has been trained very hard to be well prepared for the upcoming season.

Final words

The fact is that the current season includes incredibly strong teams. The NRL is home to the most popular and strongest players imaginable in rugby. Numerous teams are currently competing against each other to claim this year’s Premiership. The teams listed above are just a fraction of all the teams currently active on the field. However, those teams listed above have been able to produce glorious results that certainly can’t be duplicated just like that. We remain curious to see what further developments these teams will make.